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RPG Tycoon Simulator

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RPG Tycoon is an RPG-style simulation game that allows you to become immensely powerful by forging new equipment and fighting monsters! Craft and forge exciting new weapons to defeat enemies!

There’s a bunch of fun stuff to do, and hours upon hours of awesome content!

Everything is a mini-game, so there’s no boring sitting around and waiting for things to get done.

The crafting and forging mechanics are at the core of the game. Crafting and upgrading awesome weapons and armor is the best way to overcome challenges! Every time you level up, you benefit greatly from crafting new equipment. If you like crafting games, you’ll love this!

Of course, you need ore to craft equipment, so you have to mine it in the form of the mining mini-game.

Once you craft your equipment, you can make it even more powerful by enchanting it and upgrading it! Upgrading weapons and armor is incredible important, so make sure to do it as soon as you can!

You upgrade equipment the same way you craft it, and you have to do it just right to get the most out of an upgrade!

Enchants are powerful spells that you can use to attack enemies. You have to gather materials dropped by enemies in order to enchant spells onto weapons!

The battling is done in stages. After you craft and upgrade your gear, you can head into battle. You must defeat 9 enemies and a boss to progress to the next stage. You’ll only earn experience on the stage equal to your level, so make sure you do that if you want to level up! Fighting can be done automatically. No complicated or confusing mechanics here. Just sit back, relax, and have some fun defeating enemies! You can turn off automatic combat if you want more of a challenge, or want to time your attacks just right.

You earn coins and enchant materials by slaying enemies, which you can use to upgrade your equipment to make it much stronger!

There are many RPG elements to this game, including leveling up, experience, equipment gathering and crafting, and battling enemies.


Life SimulatorLife Simulator

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Life Simulator is the most in-depth, content-packed life simulating game available.

Tired of your real life? When you simulate life, you can be whatever you want to be. Want to be a rocket scientist, working for NASA? Want to be a senator? How about surgeon general? Go to school and get a high-level degree! There are many different career paths and over a hundred items to collect!

You can pursue a noble profession, like one of the above, or you can turn to a life of criminality. Rob banks and run a Ponzi scheme if that’s what you really want! Be careful, though. Being a criminal comes with risks!

Random events do occur, as in real life, and there is no way to prevent them. Sometimes they’re good (find some money on the ground), and sometimes they’re bad (get a disease). As in real life, the fastest and best way to make a ton of cash is to run a business or play the stock market.

As in life, you do age and die. But don’t fear! When you die, your score is calculated based on how successful you were, and how many times you’ve died before. Each life is better than the last, if you play your cards right. If you mess up big-time, there’s always a reset button.

It’s better than real life, it’s better than your life, it’s simulated life!

Life Simulator

Life Simulator

Life Simulator

Color Match

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Color Match is a color matching game with a pretty simple objective: simply find the two matching dots. Sounds easy, right? Prepare to be surprised.

Every couple levels, the grid gets bigger, and you have to look harder to find the two you want. There could be other multiples of a color, say 3, but that doesn’t count. In the sea of color, you need to find the set of only two that match. It gets progressively harder to find the match and move on to the next level.

Did I mention you’re being timed during this? Sure, you get a bit more time every time the grid grows, but the time limit is a very real and challenging thing! At very high levels, there will be hundreds of dots on the screen! You have to find the two colors that match among all the other colors!

Do you like color? Color Match sorts a bunch of different visually distinct (but still similar) colors to make a pleasing color palette, instead of just a bunch of unorganized randomness. The higher you get in level and grid size, the more colors in the grid of dots! Although palettes might repeat, it’s very unlikely you’ll get the same grid twice, due to the random nature of the level design. It’s a color matching game that’s designed to be easy on the eyes. (But not too easy!)

If you’re feeling lazy, you can use hints to reveal one of the two matching dots. You can also use do-overs to have a chance to try again when you run out of time!

Color Match is a unique color matching game. I’ve never played anything similar to it before. What do you have to lose? Try it out!

Color Match

Color Match

Color Match

Color Match

Jump DashJump Dash

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Jump Dash is a game where you control a square and try to avoid obstacles while climbing higher. The score is how far you can travel in one play. Try to get the highest score in the world by beating others on the leader board! From the creator of Life Simulator, the game you know and (at least most of you) love! It is quite different, but I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone!

You gradually speed up throughout a session, and when you get pushed off the left side of your screen, it’s over! You can use coins to continue, but it gets expensive very fast.

Jump Dash is a unique experience. It’s so short-lived and fast paced that you will get addicted after just a few tries! You dash forward, while climbing ever higher as the terrain is generated under under your character! It goes on forever, and there is no end! It is infinite!

Collect coins as you go along, or spend some cash for a quick coin boost! Everything that can be bought with real money can be bought if you just play the game enough and dash and jump through enough coins.

Try pushing your player all the way to the left of the screen without going off the edge when you start out. This gives you some extra time to react, but also gives you way less room for error! You can’t make many mistakes here, as the further you dash and jump, the faster it progresses! Getting a really high score is tough, but you can do it it if you keep on trying!

It’s a challenging and rewarding game play experience that always leaves you wanting more! You’ll get frustrated, and maybe even try to quit, but you’ll always come back to try to get the highest score in the world!

Jump, shrink, and dash your way to victory! Try to beat all your friends on the leader board! This is a great way to pass time if your friends are as competitive about this as mine are!

There is no limit to how far you can go – the world is infinite and created around you as you go.

Buy sweet items like skins and flairs in the shop with coins you can get in the game or buy with real money! You can buy anything in the game with coins if you save up enough!

Are you ready? Be warned: it’s very addicting and fast paced!

Jump Dash

Jump Dash

Life Simulator 2Life Simulator 2

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Welcome to the second entry in the Life Simulator series! New and improved visuals, game play, and performance!

Life Simulator 2 is all about moving up through the world by going to school, getting a job, and eventually running a successful business! Of course, it’s also about amassing the most wealth you possibly can. In Life Simulator 2, you can even see how you compare to other players on the leader board and earn achievements based on your progress!

You can reset the game and start over at any time to earn a multiplier based on your current life’s progress.

Tired of all those other life simulating games that just leave you wanting more?
Look no further! Here, life is good!

Life simulation is a fun and addicting way to make your life whatever you want it to be!

All the other life simulators out there just don’t hit the mark for me.
I set out to create a game that you can play to pass the time while you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

As in real life, the fastest and best way to make a ton of cash is to run a business or
play the stock market. You can even blow all your money gambling at the casino!

When you reset, your score is calculated based on how successful you were. A multiplier will be applied to your next life based on this score.

Each life is better than the last, if you play your cards right.

It’s better than real life, it’s better than your life, it’s simulated life!